Community Service during Social Distancing

If you have Community Service as a sanction, please know that the Office of Confect Resolution and Student Conduct wants you to stay safe and to keep your community safe by practicing social distancing. As a result, we would like to offer three alternatives for our traditional community service sanction. Please review these options and contact or for questions or approval to substitute one of these options for your community service options:

  • Agree to an educational project that is equal to the remaining hours that you have for your community service. Contact or to suggest or request an educational project.
  • Find a non-profit service project online, by phone, or other social media platforms that does not require you to be out in public. Contact or with your suggestion for our approval.
  • Donate to Rebel Relief at While we know that this is not a viable option for everyone, if you have the ability to help others during this difficult time, please consider a donation. Once a donation is made, you will receive and email receipt of the transaction. You can forward the email to us or you can scan a copy of the receipt to us at or For this to count as your community service, we ask that you donate in the following manner:


1-30 hours = $50

31-60 hours = $75

61-100 hours = $150

101+ hours = $250


Please know we are here to help. If none of these options seem viable for you, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve your community service sanction.


Take care,


Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct