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Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct
University of Mississippi

Safety & Well-Being Amnesty Policy

graphic image of the Safety and Well-Being Amnesty policy. Text reads "Experiencing an emergency? Call for Help!". The policy is then explained as follows: "Students who proactively seek assistance for an alcohol or drug emergency for themselves or others will NOT face disciplinary action, but will be required to meet with an administrator and complete educational measures". The image is accompanied by an image of an ambulance and a first aid kid.

“I don’t want me or my friend to get in any trouble, but they need help.  What should I do?”

If you are on campus and have an emergency, do the right thing and call our University Police Department at 662-915-7234 or dial 911 from anywhere.

Under the Safety and Well-Being Amnesty policy, students or student organizations who seek proactive assistance on behalf of themselves or others experiencing an alcohol or drug related emergency will not be subject to disciplinary action under University Conduct Rules and Regulations.  


Students who qualify for amnesty will still be required to meet with a University official. Although students who qualify for amnesty are exempt from the charges and sanctions from the Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct, they may still be responsible for completing educational measures in relation to their alcohol or drug consumption, and/or hazing or other unsafe behavior. Educational measures may include, but are not limited to: parental notification if under the age of 21 for alcohol or drug violations, alcohol, drug, or hazing prevention education, or other supportive opportunities.